We specialize in:


Employment law (individual and collective)

Dr. Andrea Wukovits Rechtsanwältin GmbH provides advice focussing on

  • all areas of employment law, in both contested and uncontested matters
  • issues relating to employment contracts, establishment and termination of employment (terminations, redundancies)
  • drawing-up and checking of service contracts, management contracts and board of directors contracts
  • the consultancy and representation of management
  • employment law issues during the course of restructuring of companies
  • issues concerning equal opportunities law/anti-discrimination


Marriage and civil partnership contracts

Dr. Andrea Wukovits Rechtsanwältin GmbH is particularly specialized in the area of marriage and civil partnership contracts. The construction of marriage contracts, contracts between partners and civil partnership contracts are of particular importance.


Through such contracts, married couples/partners can set down defined rules for the marriage/partnership, above all in the event of a divorce/separation.


Marriage and family law/divorce law

These legal domains are at the core of what we specialize in. Dr. Andrea Wukovits Rechtsanwältin GmbH provides advice, support and representation—for all issues concerning family law, as well as in any consequences pertaining to property, inheritance or maintenance, this applies particularly for maintenance during the marriage and after the divorce 

  • for issues in connection with the purchasing of property, particularly the marital home
  • for inheritance issues
  • for the treatment of debts
  • for the treatment of companies in the event of a separation
  • for the treatment of property in the event of a separation


International family law

International family law is of particular legal importance, and that is why an additional area of specialization is also required when conducting responsible legal activities.


It concerns marriages with a foreign element (bi-national and/or international marriages), and family law issues such as separation, divorce, maintenance, parental custody, foreign and/or domestic assets.


Child custody law

Dr. Andrea Wukovits Rechtsanwältin GmbH provides advice and representation specifically in issues of the law regarding children, particularly in issues regarding parental custody, visitation rights, child support.


Law of succession

Dr. Andrea Wukovits Rechtsanwältin GmbH provides advice for inheritance regulations, wills, administration of estates, enforcement of claims.


Commercial law and company law

The design and development of company agreements is a foundation of company trade.


Dr. Andrea Wukovits Rechtsanwältin GmbH orientates itself by the definite requirements with the aim of an expert, individually-tailored solution.


Dr. Andrea Wukovits Rechtsanwältin GmbH provides you with advice in issues in the creation of companies, design of company agreements, issues concerning the company register.


Contract law and property law

Dr. Andrea Wukovits Rechtsanwältin GmbH offers comprehensive support in all areas of property law, residential property law and tenancy law.


Media right and copyright/identity protection

With particular interest, Dr. Andrea Wukovits Rechtsanwältin GmbH applies itself to the areas of media right and copyright (particularly in visual art) and issues concerning the protection of identity.


Damages and warranty law

Dr. Andrea Wukovits Rechtsanwältin GmbH offers civil, criminal and administrative representation in road traffic accidents, warranties, product liability, contractual guarantees, medical liability.



Dr. Andrea Wukovits is a solicitor and registered mediator. 


Mediation is a structured, voluntary procedure working towards constructive solutions or avoidance of conflicts. With the support of a neutral third person (mediator), the conflicting parties should arrive at a mutual agreement which corresponds to their requirements and interests.


The mediator does not make his or her own decision here, but rather supports the parties in the development of a sustainable, future-oriented solution to the conflict. Mediation can be used practically in all areas of law (e.g. also for solving conflicts at the workplace).